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Sunny Uzbekistan welcomes you!

Uzbekistan is an ideal destination for a budget trip to a short vacation or a long weekend, with the condition that you love history and Asian flavor.

The Uzbekistan trip is colors, impressions, food for the mind and beauty for the eyes!

Looking ahead, it should be noted that in addition to the beautiful content of the journey, you will receive an injection of colors and impressions, courtesy and tolerance from people you will meet.

Tashkent - 2,5-million "Stone City", translated from Uzbek, looks like a green oasis framed by modern neighborhoods and ancient mosques. It carefully preserves the testimonies of the past and the memory of many events from the history of the country. The part of the city was rebuilt after the earthquake in 1966.


The Tashkent fountains deserve special admiration. They abound in arid places and are executed with great architectural and engineering perfection.

Amir Timur square is rightly considered to be the center of the city. In its heart is a monument to an outstanding commander, who created a single empire stretching from the Caucasus to China and from Siberia to India. The proud pose of the rider and his outstretched hand symbolize patronage, the promise of peace and prosperity. The inscription on the pedestal in four languages ​​reads: "Strength is in justice!"

Eight alleys of the park give rise to eight streets, oriented in parts of the world and fanning away from the monument to Amir Timur. This is where important roads go to all corners of the country and to neighboring states.


Impossibly fabulous and warm Bukhara does not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated travelers! This city falls in love with itself in the first minutes. Here the spirit of ancient culture hovers and the present lives.

Such sights as the small mausoleum of Samanids, Kosh-Madras, the Kalyan minaret and Poi-Kalyan architectural complex,were built more than 2300 years ago; and ones in life they must be seen.

In different periods, the city blossomed and fell into a depression. Today Bukhara is beautiful in its calm historical grandeur and hospitable charm.

The best place to see the sunrise in Bukhara is near the minaret Kalyan. The play of sun rays is worth to be captured on the walls of an architectural landmark!

Samarkand requires a little more time, at least a couple of days. Of course, if you like history, legends, travel and new acquaintances, as well as Samarkand pilaf and sweets.


The monuments of Samarkand, built during the reign of the Timurids, are equal in importance to the masterpieces of ancient cities, for example Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The road from Samarkand to Shakhrisabz takes 100 kilometers. During this time you can see fruit gardens in the vicinity of Samarkand.

The road through the pass Takta-Karacha nourishes the eyes with beauty and greenery, and only this is enough for the good mood!

One should see Shakhrisabz in order the received volume of information and historical facts about Samarkand finds a complete form. Samarkand became the capital of the famous state of Timur - Maverannahr, and Shakhrisabz was his homeland, and the city he cherished as "the foot of the throne."

Aksaray, a palace built under the personal supervision of Timur at the end of the XIV century proudly rises in the center. It is hard to imagine that at the height of a modern 20-storey house at that time (in the gallery between the towers) there was a fountain, the water for which came through special constructions from mountain peaks.

The burial vault of Timur's eldest sons and the crypt, built for himself, breathe in history and centuries-old events.


Shakhrisabz has long been famous for masters of carpet weaving and fine embroidery. Shakhrisabz (Kashkadarya) skullcaps are the brightest painted headdresses in Uzbekistan. They are sewed by women manually. However, this is common in all cities of Uzbekistan.

In order to draw a full conclusion about Uzbekistan travel tour, one must come to this wonderful country and get a charge of vivacity and warmth.

Опубликовано: 10.08.2018
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