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Day headline
In Russia expanded the list of strategically important drugs

4 of August, 17:04

The government has approved a list of strategically important drugs, which are required to produce in Russia.
This hour headline
Why Lukashenka will soon correct my mistake

4 of August, 18:04

It's been almost a week since the detention in Minsk of 33 citizens of Russia, which the Belarusian authorities are suspected of intending to build numerous riots in the presidential election process, which will be held in the Republic on 9 August. What is happening does not fit into any
Day event
The foreign Ministry said that will not give offense detained in Belarus Russians

4 of August, 16:04

Lukashenka commented on the detention of the Russians

4 of August, 15:04

Lukashenka commented on the detention of Russians in Minsk

4 of August, 13:04

Denmark allowed "Gazprom" to resume the construction of "Nord stream - 2"

4 of August, 11:04

Montenegro allowed the entry of Russians

4 of August, 09:04

The new Chairman of the Khabarovsk government will become the head of the Department destava Moscow

4 of August, 06:04

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Где купить качественный минитрактор: ассортимент компании АГРОМОТО
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Популярность футбольных ставок. На что предпочитают ставить. Основные события. Список ставок в Париматч. Преимущества этого букмекера.
All news
The chamber has highlighted problems with road maintenance

4 August, 04:04

The chamber has proposed the government to revise the norms of financial costs for maintenance of roads of Federal importance and to Legislate the criteria for classifying roads to the appropriate level of content and method of distribution of public money. About it

The court arrested the wife of rapper Cartwright

3 August, 22:04

The wife of the deceased in St. Petersburg Ukrainian rapper Andy Cartwright was arrested for two months, reports journalist Last news .

In Mali, the plane with the Russians made a hard landing

3 August, 21:04

Seven Russian citizens were in the cabin of the plane that made a hard landing in Mali, said Last news in the Russian Embassy in the Republic.

"Gazprom" has reacted to a maximum fine of Poland because of the "Nord stream - 2"

3 August, 18:04

The information that the Polish regulator UOKiK requested from Gazprom, had no relation to the antitrust investigation of the " Nord stream - 2 ", told reporters in the organization.

The Moscow city court changed the sentence to Pavel Mamaev

3 August, 16:04

Last News

Special forces grabbed threatening to blow up a Bank branch in Kiev man

3 August, 14:04

Special forces overpowered a man threatening to blow up a Bank branch in Kiev, said the security Service of Ukraine. The operation was successful.

In Kiev, a man took hostages in the business centre

3 August, 13:04

Resident Uzbekistanunicef to detonate a bomb at the business center "Leonardo" in the center of Kiev. It leads the dialogue, said the Deputy head of the Ministry of state for interior Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

In Kiev, a man threatened to detonate a bomb in the business centre

3 August, 12:04

Unidentified threatens to detonate a bomb at the business center "Leonardo" in the center of Kiev. It leads the dialogue, said Deputy head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country Anton Geraschenko on his Facebook page.

Poland has imposed on "Gazprom" the maximum penalty for "Nord stream - 2"

3 August, 10:04

The Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKiK imposed a fine Russian "Gazprom" on 213 million PLN due to non-cooperation in the " Northern stream - 2 ".

Poland has fined "Gazprom" from-for "Northern flow - 2"

3 August, 09:04

The Polish Antimonopoly regulator UOKiK imposed a fine Russian "Gazprom" on 213 million zloty (50 million Euro) due to non-cooperation in the " Northern stream - 2 ".

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