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Day headline
In Kiev told how the transfer of detainees by Russian ships

18 of November, 10:04

Transfer Kiev caught the year before military courts takes place according to the plan, said the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Igor Voronchenko.
This hour headline
Moscow gave Kiev detained after challenge in the Kerch Strait ships

18 of November, 12:04

Moscow has transferred to the Ukrainian party detained a year earlier, the ships, said in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Day event
In Crimea, commented on the decision to transfer to Kiev detained ships

18 of November, 09:04

In the Crimea, the transfer of Ukrainian ships called mark Zelensky

18 of November, 08:04

Government forces took control of the second largest hydroelectric power station in Syria

18 of November, 07:04

Government forces took control of one of the most powerful hydroelectric power station in Syria

18 of November, 05:04

Authorities have described the condition of the wounded in the shooting at the Annunciation College

18 of November, 03:04

The Russian space Agency has established a scheme for an aircraft engine carrier rockets

18 of November, 02:04

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Банкет на ВДНХ – качественная кухня и комфортная атмосфера
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В чем Плюсы получения займа под залог ПТС?
Когда необходимы в срочном порядке денежные средства, а взять их нет откуда, а также одолжить нет у кого, тогда ситуацию могут спасти различные финансовые компании, которые предлагают деньги в долг либо в кредит
Деньги под залог ПТС
Обучение, лечение, отпуск - это далеко не все цели, на которые срочно могут потребоваться денежные средства
Водородная энергетика – возможный путь развития «зеленой» энергетики в мире.
О последствиях глобального потепления и парникового эффекта мы слышим постоянно: аномальная жара в одних регионах или холода в других, таяние ледников, природные катаклизмы возникают все чаще. Ученые считают, что причина в том, что выбросы парниковых газов растут, а попытки остановить этот процесс пока не приводят к успеху.
Опоры несиловые граненые конические фланцевые
Основными конструктивными элементами при сооружении наружных осветительных систем являются опоры граненые конические фланцевые.
All news
The leaders among the regions with favorable labor market for retirees was in Moscow and St Petersburg

17 November, 23:04

Especially favorable labor-market rules For pensioners in Russia was formed in the capital of Russia, Petersburg and a number of areas of Chernozem region, not more convenient for pensioners to work in Chechnya, Tuva and Altai, shows research RIA Novosti*.

About 20 thousand people gathered at anti-American demonstration in Athens

17 November, 21:04

About 20 thousand people came out to anti-American demonstration in Athens, told the magazine "Proto theme" referring to law enforcement.

The foreign Ministry commented on the transfer involved in the provocation of ships Ukraine

17 November, 19:04

Moscow has never denied that return to Kiev, the ships that participated in the provocations in the Kerch Strait in 2018, told the Minister.

A step towards Kiev. In Russia, commented on the transfer of detainees warships Ukraine

17 November, 17:04

In the state Duma and the Federation Council, said the transfer of Ukraine arrested a year Earlier for violating the state border of three military vessels. The deputies considered this move of the capital of Russia "gesture of goodwill" in Kiev. Key statements in the material of the Fins news .

In the Kremlin commented on the information about the date of the meeting, "Norman Quartet"

17 November, 14:04

Meeting "Norman Quartet" at the Donbass can pass this year, said the presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov.

Ukrainian ships detained in the Black sea, left the port of Kerch

17 November, 13:04

Detainees last November, the Ukrainian boats " Berdyansk ", "Nikopol" and tug "Yana Kapu" left the berth in the port of Kerch, accompanied by Russian courts, said Last news a source in law enforcement bodies of the Crimea.

Kerch began towing Ukrainian ships detained in the Black sea

17 November, 11:04

Detained for violation of the Russian border on 25 November 2018 Ukrainian boats " Berdyansk ", "Nikopol" and tug "Yana Kapu" leave the Parking lot in the port of Kerch, accompanied by Russian courts, said Last news a source in law enforcement bodies of the Peninsula.

"Roskosmos" has invented a new method of monitoring the state of missiles

17 November, 09:04

"Roscosmos" has patented a method of collecting data on the status of missile and space equipment with wireless sensor network according to the ZigBee Protocol, used by global manufacturers of smart home devices, an appropriate solution published by Rospatent.

LC recorded the first three days of shelling by Ukrainian security forces

17 November, 08:04

Once the Ukrainian Military shelled the territory of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people's Republic over the past day, told Last news in the representation of LC in the General center for control and coordination of ceasefire (SCCC).

The death toll during the protests in Bolivia has reached 23 people

17 November, 05:04

In the process of protests in Bolivia have lost the lives of Over 23 people, 715 were damaged health, said the inter-American Commission on human rights at the Organization of American States (OAS).

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