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Day headline
China imposed duties on American goods worth $ 75 billion

23 of August, 15:04

China imposes additional duties on the import of American items with a volume of 75 billion dollars a year.
This hour headline
The Russian foreign Ministry summoned the chargц? d'affaires of the Czech Republic

23 of August, 18:04

The Russian foreign Ministry summoned the chargц? d'affaires of the Czech Republic and told him the protest of the desecration of the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev in Prague.
Day event
Putin made a statement on the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty

23 of August, 12:04

The Minister of transport said that the first train on the bridge in the Crimea will go to the end of the year

23 of August, 10:04

In Honolulu after the emergency landing A321 hospitalized seven people

23 of August, 07:04

"Passed" Butino FBI big businessman from the United States left his post in the company

23 of August, 04:04

YouTube disabled the 210 channels trying to influence the situation in Hong Kong

23 of August, 01:04

Russia warned against an uncontrolled arms race

22 of August, 23:04

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Повышение квалификации до самого высокого уровня
Все организации мира нацелены на высокий результат, и это факт
All news
Zakharova compared the idea of the United States on the purchase of Greenland to return Crimea

22 August, 21:04

. Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova compare the message about the US plans to buy Greenland from Denmark with the return of the Crimea.

Russia responded to the statement Zelensky on the return in the G8

22 August, 19:04

In the capital of Russia explained the message of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on the terms of renewal of the format "Big eight" and accession to Russia.

Rogozin told about the interest of India to the Russian rocket engines RD-180

22 August, 16:04

New Delhi can buy from the capital of Russian rocket engines RD-180, which is currently exported to the USA, said the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin.

The correspondent of RIA Novosti, the first of journalists visited the liberated stronghold of terrorists in Idlib

22 August, 14:04

Journalist Last news authorized the first foreign media have been released Khan Sheyhun that 2014 was a stronghold of terrorists.

Medvedev instructed the Ministry of labor to evaluate the idea of a four-day working week, write media

22 August, 12:04

The Ministry of labour and social protection shall, until 30 September to tell the government its position on the prospects of the four-day workweek.

The Syrian army took the largest stronghold of terrorists in the South of Idlib

22 August, 10:04

The Syrian government army took Khan shaykhun in Idlib, told Last news of the local field source.

Zakharova, Zelensky said, linking Crimea and Russia's participation in G8

22 August, 09:04

Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said phrase of the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskiy, which linked the question of supplies of Crimea with the participation of Russia in the G8.

In St. Petersburg during the fire on the ship killed a man

22 August, 08:04

Thursday morning in St. Petersburg caught fire four-deck motor ship " Peter Tchaikovsky ", informs urban emergency Department.

Trump invites Putin in G8 and Ukraine expunged from history

22 August, 07:04

Analyzing the situation after the statements of the American President Donald trump On the return of Russia in the G8 format, that is, the transformation of the "Big seven" in the " Big eight ", it is highly desirable to immediately put aside all the predictions About the resurrection of the former format of negotiations

The carrier rocket "Soyuz" with the robot "Theodore" was launched from Baikonur

22 August, 06:04

Russian humanoid robot "Fedor" for the first time flew in space, the carrier rocket " Soyuz-2. 1A "With the spacecraft" Soyuz MS-14 "was launched From the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the broadcast of the launch was" Roscosmos ".

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