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Day headline
The Kremlin said that more and more countries looking for an alternative to the dollar

16 of September, 19:04

More and more countries in Asia And Europe looking to replace the American dollar as a reserve currency, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov in the " Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin "on TV channel" Russia 1 ".
This hour headline
In the state Duma praised Kiev's plans to create a naval base on the sea of Azov

16 of September, 21:04

The plans of Ukraine to do on the Azov sea base of naval forces cannot be considered serious, said Deputy Chairman of the RT Department of the state Duma's defence Alexander Sherin.
Day event
British media reported on two new "suspects" in the case Skrobala

16 of September, 17:04

A major military exercise in Russia will become a regularA major military exercise in Russia will become a regular

16 of September, 15:04

In DND said about strengthening of activity of Ukrainian drones

16 of September, 14:04

In the US there were fake letter to Putin in support of the Congressman-Republican

16 of September, 13:04

In the US the fake "letter to Putin" in support of the Congressman-Republican

16 of September, 12:04

Us drone noticed at the black sea coast of Russia

16 of September, 09:04

All news
In Kamchatka found the body of missing fishermanIn Kamchatka found the body of missing fisherman

16 September, 06:04

The body of the 2nd of the 2 fishermen missing in the end of the boat capsizing in the Bay of a Large Saranna in Avacha Gulf, was found, said Last news in the regional Department of the MIA of Russia.

Found the last pictures of the "Union" before the appearance of holes in it, the source saidFound the last pictures of the "Union" before the appearance of holes in it, the source said

16 September, 04:04

Internal Commission RSC Energia have completed the trial of the emergence hole in the spacecraft " Soyuz MS-09 ", presented at its own conclusions "Roscosmos" the Last photos of the ship at the stage of Assembly where the case there is no hole, told Last news Source

The President of Finland said, why not afraid of Russia

16 September, 02:04

The head of Finland Sauli Niinisto said that he sees the danger of Russia, as he realizes that she has no reason to attack his country. About it the President has told in interview to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine.

In the United States without any explanation closed solar ObservatoryIn the United States without any explanation closed solar Observatory

16 September, 00:04

In the U.S. state of new Mexico without any explanation closed solar Observatory, informs the portal Space.

The suburbs of Damascus, was subjected to missile attack

15 September, 22:04

Syrian air defenses repelled missile attack by the Israeli air force on the outskirts of the international airport in Damascus, said Last news the Syrian military Source.

Ukraine has estimated the damage from the "Nord stream - 2"

15 September, 20:04

The head of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Andrey Kobelev said that the implementation of the project " Northern stream

The UN has included Russia in the group of countries with the highest level of developmentThe UN has included Russia in the group of countries with the highest level of development

15 September, 16:04

Russia joined the Group of countries with the highest level of human development. About it it is spoken in the report of the UN development Programme (UNDP).

Poroshenko accused Russia of desire to "occupy" the sea of Azov

15 September, 14:04

The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was subjected to charges of the Russian Federation in that it blocks the visits of ships in the Azov sea, to " occupy ".

Walker called the stage of the conflict in the Donbass hot

15 September, 12:04

The US special envoy on Ukraine Kurt Volker said That in the Donbas there is a hot phase of the conflict.

The DNR has accused Western secret services of involvement in the murder of Zakharchenko

15 September, 10:04

The murder of the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko made with the help of Western special services, told reporters acting head of the DND Denis Putilin.

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