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The project "Russian Information Network" is realized by "RIN" Private company to unify, coordinate and develop the information streams in Internet.

Main tasks of the project:

  1. Integration of Russian Federation information streams as a whole and its separate regions in the world informational area in available for Russian and foreign users form.
  2. Forming of the unified All-Russian bank of investment projects to attract potential investors for project realization in science, industry, culture, education.
  3. Creation of universal mechanism of electronic payments in Russia.
  4. Creation of unified information network of regional database on enterprises, goods and services to increase commodity circulation on Russian and international levels.
  5. Creation and development of Internet telephony.
  6. Technical and infrastructural assistance in the coordination of efforts on creation of the distant education network, personnel advanced training and retraining.
  7. Innovation activity support.
We examine all your proposals about mutually beneficial and perspective cooperation. info@rin.ru

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